Hello ????You can be very proud of Bella ( Mamili’s Fjeldvang Lady).Bella achieved therapydog license today ? We have to big operators of therapydog in Finland one is under finnish kennelclub, and the other one is Suomen Karva-Kaverit ry. Bella belongs to this second one and Hugo (Mamili’s Daddy Cool) and Eppu is under kennelclubs therapydog ?Bella is a happy girl with now worries of tomorrow ❤❤❤ She is our girl Houdini ????who knows how to escape from fence and stuff like that, but when you are out with her, she doesnt leave you and walks like an angel ❤ we have had so many nice walks with Ella in Emmaljunga and Bella besides us here in farm and in a city ? Thanks for Bella ❤