Hello 👋👋👋🙂You can be very proud of Bella ( Mamili’s Fjeldvang Lady).Bella achieved therapydog license today 💪 We have to big operators of therapydog in Finland one is under finnish kennelclub, and the other one is Suomen Karva-Kaverit ry. Bella belongs to this second one and Hugo (Mamili’s Daddy Cool) and Eppu is under kennelclubs therapydog 👌Bella is a happy girl with now worries of tomorrow ❤❤❤ She is our girl Houdini 🤭😅🤭😅who knows how to escape from fence and stuff like that, but when you are out with her, she doesnt leave you and walks like an angel ❤ we have had so many nice walks with Ella in Emmaljunga and Bella besides us here in farm and in a city 💪 Thanks for Bella ❤