Mamili’s Back to the future, Knut is enjoying his life with Olga and Sonya💞

Dear Liv, all dogs and cats and all who takes care of them!

Wish you good luck and all dreams coming true!

We were very happy to get a letter from you and since that
moment started thinking of sending a small parcel to you.
Sonya is prepsring perfect photos of Knut, but they are
not ready yet. That is why I’m writing now to congratulate
you on one hand and to confirm you that Knut is healthy
and happy on the other))
He is the unique dog – clever, positive, obedient, sociable
and gentle.

Just a pair of ordinary
photoes, better ones and more facts about
Knut we will send later
without fail!

Olga and Sonya

Have a Nice day 🌞