Hipp hurra, gratulere med 1-årsdagen 31.03 kjære Love, Ann’s Lions Can’t Hurry Love
Nina, Antti og Hugo sender varme hilsener til deg. Love bodde hos Nina og Antti de siste ukene før hun kunne importeres til Norge og Hugo kunne flytte til Finland 💙
We are missing this beautiful girl ❣
Mamma Joy har sendt deg en mail 😍


Hi Love, Oku, Simba, Wäinö and Hertta, I am sending many kisses to you, my 1 year old kids J w

Hi Ludvig, my fiance, we have so nice kids growing here in Finland and one in Norway.
All I can do now, is to bark HAU, VUH, WOOF = very noisy Congratulation w
I have been out on our ”hankiainen” = running on hard snow almost every day … it’s sooo fun.
I also can dig rabbit ”treats” from the snow and they taste soooo good. Well, mom Anne does not agree that.
Here some photos of me, the beautiful leonberger, like you see from pictures, heh heh ha ha …
Anne did add here also photos when you, my babies did born. Then I was not quite sure what to do, my teats were
hurting because you were eating so much. So, I found out that I could be hiding in the little box. It was really meant for you kids during the ”boxcleaning”, but it was nice to sit there in peace and watch you J

Thank you Ludvig, my Love w

õ WOOF = Have a Fun & Happy day …. JOY

Ha en fin dag